Arabic Teaching Materials With Cooperative Approach


  • Miftahus Sa’diyah Universitas Islam Negeri KH Achmad Shiddiq Jember


Teaching Materials, Approach, Cooperatif


The quality of educational programs is influenced by many factors such as the quality of students, the quality of teachers, the quality and availability of teaching materials, curriculum, facilities and facilities, management, and so on. In terms of teaching materials, not all schools have the opportunity to obtain sufficient teaching materials, both in terms of quality and quantity. Procurement of teaching materials in schools is still limited to the allocation of funds, teachers mostly use ready-made teaching materials. Even though teachers can take this opportunity to develop their creativity. This paper aims to explain and describe the basic concepts of developing teaching materials with a cooperative approach in general, as well as being able to provide a stimulus in honing the creativity of teachers in compiling and developing Arabic teaching materials. This research uses qualitative research with descriptive analysis approach. The results of the study show that learning Arabic does not only rely on one direction one way traffic education but multiway traffic education that can be used in an effort to increase the effectiveness of learning.