Kualitas Buku Teks Pembelajaran Bahasa Arab Di MAN 2 Surakarta Kelas X Bermuatan Kurikulum 2013 (Studi Komparasi Antara Buku Teks Bahasa Arab Wajib dan Bahasa Arab Peminatan)


  • Devi Putri Rahmawati Permatasari UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta
  • Dani Fatul Aliyah UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta


Teaching Materials, Textbooks, Curriculum 2013


Teaching materials are a set of learning tools or tools that contain learning materials, methods, limitations, and evaluation methods that are designed systematically and attractively in order to achieve the expected goals, namely achieving competence or sub-competence with all its complexity (Widodo and Jasmadi in Lestari, 2007). 2013:1). This study aims to determine the quality of learning Arabic subjects in class X at MAN 2 Surakarta. The object of study in this research is the compulsory Arabic language and specialization Arabic textbooks used at MAN 2 Surakarta based on the 2013 curriculum.

This study uses a qualitative method. This method is carried out by researching starting from the data and using existing theories as a basis for explaining and the last session expressing conclusions with theory. The data collection process was carried out by conducting direct observations in the field and also conducting interviews with related parties. Then the data that has been obtained is developed based on the theories that have been obtained through the study of literature.

The results showed that compulsory Arabic subjects used the X-grade Arabic LKS textbook and Specialized Arabic subjects used the X-grade Nahwu Sharf Arabic textbooks from the Directorate of KSKK Madrasah, Directorate General of Islamic Education, Ministry of Islam. The two textbooks have some differences in the material taught, but both are structured to complement each other. This will greatly affect the quality of learning Arabic at MAN 2 Surakarta. Because if teaching materials are developed according to the needs and potential of the students, then the main goal of learning will be maximally achieved.