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This journal in collaboration with <strong><a href="">Asosiasi </a></strong><a href="">Program Studi Komunikasi dan Penyiaran Islam Indonesia</a><strong><a href=""> (ASKOPIS)</a></strong> and <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Perkumpulan Ahli Manajemen Dakwah Indonesia (<strong>PAMDI</strong>)</a>.</p> UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta en-US Academic Journal of Da'wa and Communication 2722-1431 Strategi Komunikasi Pemerintah Kabupaten Bener Meriah dalam Pemasaran Kopi Gayo dan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat <p><em>Communication strategy of the Bener Meriah Regency Government in the marketing of Gayo coffee. The problems of this study are; how the communication strategy of the Bener Meriah Regency Government in marketing Gayo coffee, how the obstacles of the Bener Meriah Regency government in marketing Gayo coffee, how the credibility of communicators in marketing Gayo coffee, and local community empowerment in gayo coffee marketing. The research method in this study uses qualitative research approach, using observation, interview and point documentation techniques. In this study, the authors use the theory of communicator credibility. The results of this study are the communication strategy of the Bener Meriah Regency government in marketing Gayo coffee using the methods; marketing communication strategy through advertising in exhibitions and events, through foreign trade missions by ministries, and promotions through digital processes and social media. The credibility of the communicator in marketing Gayo coffee is good enough to increase sales, so that Gayo coffee can be well-known to foreign countries. The government’s effort to appreciate marketing communicators have also been quite good, so that communicators are more enthusiastic and creative. Barriers to the government of Bener Meriah Regency in marketing Gayo coffee are (1) Barriers to entering the industrial market, (2) Inadequate facilities and technology, (3) Barriers in regulations, especially employment, taxation and trade, (4) Lack of motivation and trade, (5) Low capital, (7) Processing and packaging technology that has not been fully mastered. The Bener Meriah Regency Government has carried out community empowerment by utilizing its natural resources, providing assistance in the form of directions, outreach, and training on Gayo coffee management.</em></p> Nurul Khansa Fauziyah Aini Mahara Copyright (c) 2022 2022-12-17 2022-12-17 3 2 129 152 10.22515/ajdc.v3i2.5600 Akulturasi Musik Gembrung Sebagai Media Komunikasi Islam <p><em>Gembrung music is a traditional Islamic art that has developed a lot in Java. Its existence indicates a da'wah process in order to convey the messages of Islamic teachings in Java. The intersection of Muslim and Javanese groups creates a form of cultural acculturation, each of which represents two acculturated cultures. By using a qualitative methodology, the research focus is on literature and gembrung in Java, the aim of this study is to find the process of acculturation of the traditional Gembrung musical instrument. Where in Gembrung art it is found as a communication tool in preaching as well as a process of acculturation of music. Among them, several elements of gembrung music adopted Javanese music, including kenong and gong which were replaced with tambourines, which are musical instruments made of wood and goat skin. In addition to the form of abolition or omission, there is also musical pluralism, where one musical instrument can be accepted by another group but still places one musical instrument that represents each acculturation group. Among those that must still be included are drums as a representation of Java, and also tambourines as a representation of Islam-Arabism. What's interesting is that each musical instrument which is a cultural representation becomes the central determinant of other musical elements. The acculturation of this musical element has led to cultural acceptance by the Javanese people of the Gembrung art. Likewise, there is acceptance of Muslim groups as a representation of Islamic music.</em></p> Muchlis Daroini Kayyis Fithri Ajhuri Copyright (c) 2022 2022-12-23 2022-12-23 3 2 153 176 10.22515/ajdc.v3i2.5601 Hiperialitas Konsep Cantik dan Perempuan dalam Film: Analisis Semiotik pada Film Imperfect <p><em>Imperfect is one of the interesting films because it tells about the reality of women in relation to the stereotype of being beautiful and perfect. The purpose of this research is to examine the description of women's beauty discourse represented through the film Imperfect, including in its substance related to career, love, and the size of beauty that is seen physically (body size and shape) in women. Through the analysis of Sara Mills, this research was analyzed qualitatively descriptively, with the main data collection through the documentation on the film Imperfect. The discussion focuses on the position of the subject-object and the position of the reader in the film, the image of women and the beauty represented in it indirectly shows the existence of hyperiality that is believed to be socially in society. The concept of beauty is described as emerging through the construction of body size, including its influence on the career journey and the romance experienced by the character. In addition, the representations that appear also lead to the struggle of Rara (the main character) who tries to meet the standards and assessments of society so that her existence can be accepted socially.</em></p> Rhesa Zuhriya Briyan Pratiwi Achmad Abdul Azis Copyright (c) 2022 2022-12-20 2022-12-20 3 2 10.22515/ajdc.v3i2.5408 Strategi Dakwah IPHI Kabupaten Karanganyar dalam Meningkatkan Ukhuwah Islamiyah <p><em>Jamaah IPHI Karanganyar Regency has a different islamic organizational background, but is able to realize a harmonious, tolerant Islamic society, and is able to establish Islamic ukhuwah between pilgrims. The question is how the da'wah strategy carried out by IPHI Karanganyar Regency in maintaining and maintaining ukhuwah Islamiyah among its worshippers. This research aims to 1) find out how the IPHI da'wah strategy of Karanganyar Regency in maintaining ukhuwah Islamiyah among its worshippers 2) Knowing the effectiveness of the da'wah strategy 3) Knowing what are the driving factors and obstacles in carrying out da'wah strategies. This type of research is field research with descriptive qualitative methods. The source of this research data is primary data, namely from the interview results of the chairman of IPHI Karanganyar Regency, both education, training and da'wah, and IPHI Karanganyar pilgrims. Secondary data obtained from photo documentation of activities and documents or archives of IPHI Karanganyar Regency. Through research it is known that the da'wah strategy of IPHI Karanganyar Regency in maintaining ukhuwah Islamiyah among its pilgrims is: 1) Through three stages namely the formulation of strategy, implementation and evaluation 2) da'wah program is carried out by two methods namely oral bil method and bil p 3) IPHI management services in controlling ukhuwah Islamiyah pilgrims by instilling mutual respect and through government policy with the establishment of IPHI and the role of the community in IPHI Karanganyar Regency 4) The effectiveness of da'wah strategy carried out by IPHI Karanganyar is good, and 5) There are supporting factors and obstacles in carrying out da'wah strategies in maintaining Islamic ukhuwah among pilgrims. </em></p> Firda Rohana Fathurrohman Husen Puput Yanita Senja Copyright (c) 2022 2022-12-11 2022-12-11 3 2 209 234 10.22515/ajdc.v3i2.5394 Strategi Komunikasi Komunitas Pusat Kajian Perempuan Solo (PUKAPS) dalam Menyuarakan Isu Gender dan Kekerasan Seksual <p><em>The Solo Women's Study Center (PUKAPS) community which actively discusses issues of gender equality and feminist discourse and accepts complaint space for survivors of sexual violence, especially in the city of Surakarta. This study aims to determine the communication strategies used in the Pukaps Community in voicing issues of gender and sexual violence so that people become more sensitive to the existing reality. This study uses a qualitative approach with the method of descriptive analysis. Data collection techniques were carried out through direct interviews with three division heads from the Pukaps Community. The results of this research show that there is a communicator selection strategy based on the credibility, background and attractiveness of the communicator. the strategy for compiling and presenting messages is formulated in an informative, educative and persuasive manner in Pukaps social media content. The media selection strategy uses Pukaps social media, both Instagram, Facebook and media zoom meetings for webinar activities. The strategy for selecting and identifying audiences is in the form of observing the general public in order to see if the education carried out by the Pukaps Community is on target or not. All efforts in the communication strategy carried out by the Pukaps community seek to provide significant and routine information to the general public, especially the people of the city of Solo regarding current gender issues and sexual violence.</em></p> Ulfa Fauzia Argestya Anisa Rohmah Afiati Copyright (c) 2022 2022-12-08 2022-12-08 3 2 235 262 10.22515/ajdc.v3i2.5565 Pola Komunikasi Komunitas Virtual ICB dalam Meminimalisasi Hoaks <p><em>The purpose of this study is to describe ICB's communication pattern as a virtual community in an effort to minimize hoaxes. This is caused by ICB's position as a massive virtual community that uses Facebook as its communication medium. However, Facebook as a social media is a place for networking information with a wide range, so that it also allows the emergence of hoaxes in circulating information. This research used a descriptive qualitative method with data collection through observation, in-depth interviews, and documentation. This research finds that there are two models of communication patterns used by ICB, namely: the wheel communication pattern and the all-channel communication pattern. The wheel communication pattern includes filtering of uploaded information within the group, in which each member waits for approval from the admin to join or share uploads to the group, especially with a centralized flow at one point, so that the flow of incoming information is orderly and minimizes hoaxes within the group. Meanwhile, the communication patterns of all channels allow for more flexible community meetings and activities, in which each member can interact with anyone without any restrictions.</em></p> Giyan Rahmat Rahmat Copyright (c) 2022 2022-12-12 2022-12-12 3 2 263 290 10.22515/ajdc.v3i2.5302