The Relevance of the Concept of Justice in Islamic Law to Contemporary Humanitarian Issues

concept of justice Islamic law contemporary humanitarian issues


June 26, 2023


The study explores the relevance of the concept of justice in Islamic law to complex and pressing contemporary humanitarian issues. Through the literature study method with integrative and comprehensive literature analysis, this study conducts a deep and structured investigation of the existing literature to summarize and synthesize relevant views, arguments, findings, and thoughts. The study results stated that the concept of justice in Islamic law is a central aspect of Islamic religious teachings and has broad applicability in dealing with various humanitarian challenges today. Through a deep understanding of the concept of justice in Islamic law, societies can form solid moral views and act effectively to promote human rights, address economic inequality, facilitate peace, and respond to other humanitarian issues. This makes it possible to view the concept of justice in Islamic law not only as a religious aspect but also as a potential source of inspiration for building a more just and sustainable world for all human beings, regardless of their religious or cultural background.