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The sample in this study were taken by Z generation who had purchased products online in the marketplace. The number of samples that used were 200 respondens. Sampling using purposive sampling technique, namely the determination of the sample by selecting a group of subjects in accordance with this study. This study used primary data obtained from distributing questionnaires. The data obtained were analyzed by using SmartPLS 3.2.9 software. The results show that customer trust and e-service quality have a positive effect on customer satisfaction. Meanwhile the word of mounth has no effect on customer satisfaction. The results of the study also show that e-service quality, customer trust, and word of mount have a positive effect on repurchase intention. Meanwhile, customer satisfaction has no effect on repurchase intention. Furthermore, customer satisfaction is not able to mediate the relationship of e-service quality, customer trust, and word of mount to repurchase intention. The novelty of this research is that it involves respondents who are Z-Generation.</p> Yeyen Novita Pandu Nur Wicaksono Faiz Nasokha Rifda Nabila Copyright (c) 2022 Relevance: Journal of Management and Business 2022-06-26 2022-06-26 5 1 001 023 Internal Marketing, Concept And Application For Increased Corporate Performance <p>The study explained the company's internal use of marketing, the internal impact of marketing and its elements, the internal marketing of the management of change, and its brunt on corporate performance, which has given the perspective that a company's performance can start with potent internal marketing in the company. It was explained that the in-based approach to internal marketing was not just how to communicate the company's strategy and plan to its internal customers but also many things that were part of internal marketing; however, sometimes, companies were not considered internal marketing. In addition, internal marketing also has several crucial elements that make internal marketing become successful in the company. This article's three internal marketing elements are internal market involvement, commitment, and research. Furthermore, internal marketing would affect the management of changes in the company. It was closed with a refinement of the organizational performance resulting from internal marketing</p> Suryati Suryati Nadia Irhamna Copyright (c) 2022 Suryati Suryati, Nadia Irhamna 2022-06-26 2022-06-26 5 1 024 032 10.22515/relevance.v5i1.5091 Covid-19 Pandemic: The Effectiveness of Utilizing Micro Business Productive Assistance (BPUM) for MSMEs <p>This study examines the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on MSMEs and how the effectiveness of utilizing business capital assistance paid by the government affects their survival during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Through a survey of 110 respondents (namely debtors/beneficiaries), this case study finds that the COVID-19 Pandemic has caused business delays, so the government assistance program has become the key to MSME business continuity during the COVID-19 Pandemic. With government assistance, the business actors in the sample of this study could maintain their business. Even though the overall labor force is decreasing and income is decreasing, some small, medium, and micro-enterprises can maintain or even increase workers and their turnover due to government assistance. This study recommends continuing the assistance program for MSMEs by loosening requirements and focusing on new beneficiaries, an integrated MSME database, and in the future, the assistance program needs to be integrated with financial literacy and MSME innovation programs. The policy implication of this study is that the government's economic recovery plan during the future recession needs to target MSMEs.</p> <p><strong>KEYWORDS</strong>: Effectiveness of Utilization, Business Capital Assistance, MSMEs</p> Ishak Ishak Nur Ariani Aqidah Junastri Junastri Copyright (c) 2022 Ishak Ishak Ishak, Nur Ariani Aqidah 2022-06-26 2022-06-26 5 1 033 059 The Importance of Halal Tourism Policy in West Sumatera <p>The rapid development of halal tourism is a huge opportunity for West Sumatra . The community is predominantly Muslim, and the socio-cultural system of life based on Islam is very strong in this area. The policy for implementing halal tourism in West Sumatra has been regulated in a Regional Regulation which was ratified in 2020. This paper aims to describe the importance of the policy for implementing halal tourism in West Sumatra. The method used is <em>library research</em>. The data analysis technique uses interactive analysis which consists of data collection, data presentation, data reduction and drawing conclusions. The policy for the implementation of halal tourism in West Sumatra aims to serve as a guideline in ensuring legal certainty for the implementation of regional halal tourism. Tourists who visit tourist objects become safe, comfortable, and guaranteed their health because they consume halal and safe products. With Islamic values that exist in halal tourism, it is not only beneficial for the tourism industry but also beneficial for the community in increasing faith, becoming a better human being and preventing things that are harmful to society.</p> Waryono Waryono Copyright (c) 2022 Relevance: Journal of Management and Business 2022-06-26 2022-06-26 5 1 060 077 Enhancing Product Innovation Through Digital Value Resonance: Technology Readiness <p>This study intends to investigate technology readiness and the proficient to strive digitally for various offerings across digital value resonance, primarily for small medium enterprises. Questionnaires and interviews were used to gather data from 204 small and medium-sized businesses. SEM-PLS approaches are used to evaluate the impact of information with a trajectory moderated by digital value resonance on product innovation. The findings demonstrated that the digital value resonance managed to avoid the link between technological preparedness and product innovation enhancement. The advantages of this study are in the synthesizing of proposed digital value resonance variables from the results of resource-based view theory propositions, which aids in connecting previous researcher gaps and adds to a new concept that can configure digital value at the level of competition and increase MSME innovation products.</p> Luthfy Purnanta Agustinus Budi Santoso Roymon Panjaitan Edwin Zusrony Copyright (c) 2022 Luthfy Purnanta, Agustinus Budi Santoso, Roymon Panjaitan, Edwin Zusrony 2022-06-26 2022-06-26 5 1 078 098