Focus and Scope

Focus: Academic Journal of Psychology and Counseling is a scientific journal that focuses on abnormal psychology, counseling to deal with mental problems, Islamic psychology, and Islamic counseling. It publishes articles based on empirical studies using quantitative or qualitative approaches or a combination of the two or meta-analysis or systematic literature review.

Scope: Academic Journal of Psychology and Counseling calls for scientific articles on abnormal psychology in various contexts; counseling aimed dealing with mental problems; and psychological themes related to mental conditions resulting from abnormal social and environmental conditions. This journal also welcomes articles on Islamic psychology and Islamic counseling. It covers issues at varying levels of analysis (personal, group, and societal research) and methods (psychodiagnostic and psychological interventions). Furthermore, it provides the opportunity for the publication of articles based on inter/multidisciplinary and trans-disciplinary research, and even prioritizes or reserves special space for these.