Focus and Scope

The main focus of Academic Journal of Psychology and Counseling is welcomes research articles (qualitative, quantitative, meta-analysis, and systematic literature review) about psychology and counseling. Novel ideas and originality that trigger further research are emphasized.

Sub themes and scope in the scientific publications of Academic Journal of Psychology and Counseling include:

a. Developmental Psychology
b. Educational Psychology
c. Social Psychology
d. Psychological Measurement
e. Cognitive Psychology
f. Industrial and Organizational Psychology
g. Psychology of Religion
h. Family Psychology
i. Cyberpsychology
j. Clinical Psychology
k. Forensic Psychology
l. Biopsychology
m. Communication Psychology
n. Political Psychology
o. Abnormal Psychology
p. Experimental Psychology
q. Indigenous Psychology
r. Positive Psychology

a. Islamic Guidance and Counseling
b. Child and Adolescent Counseling
c. Adult and Elder Counseling
d. Family Counseling
e. School Counseling
f. Higher Education Counseling
g. Crisis and Risk Counseling
h. Occupational Counseling
i. Cyber Counseling
j. Multicultural Counseling
k. Rehabilitation Counseling
l. Technology usage in Counseling
m. Counseling and Guidance for Special Education
n. Counselor Education.