About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Articles to be received and published in the Journal of ATHLA must be included in the scope of the field of Arabic Teaching, Linguistic, And Literature. This journal not only invites scientists, lecturers, and professors from Islamic institutions only, but we invite anyone who will contribute by submitting an article about the study of Arabic Teaching, Linguistic, And Literature. Paper which considers the following general topics are invited.

- Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language

- Arabic Linguistic

- Arabic Literature

- Strategy of Arabic Teaching

- Media of Arabic Teaching

- Technology of Arabic Teaching

- Modern Standard Arabic

- Arabic Second Language Acquisition

Peer Review Process

Each manuscript sent to ATHLA Journal is reviewed independently by two reviewers with a " double-blind review" model. The decision to publish or reject the manuscript is based on the reviewer's report/recommendation. The editor may submit a script to the third reviewer to make a decision if necessary.

Publication Frequency

ATHLA: Journal of Arabic Teaching, Linguistic, And Literature published twice a year  (June and December)

Publication Ethics

The publication of articles in peer review journals is an important model for our journals. It is necessary to agree on the expected ethical standards of conduct for all parties involved in publishing actions: authors, journal editors, best-of-breed partners and publishers.