Nature, Power, and Poetry: Unveiling Ecofeminist Narratives in Rena Priest's Green Literary Movement


  • Winarti
  • Anindhiasti Ayu Kusuma Asri Universitas Duta Bangsa, Indonesia
  • Evania Putri Setianingsih Universitas Duta Bangsa, Indonesia
  • Evania Putri Setianingsih Universitas Duta Bangsa, Indonesia
  • Kalyana Safira Sarah Darmawan Universitas Duta Bangsa, Indonesia



Ecofeminism, with its emphasis on the interconnectedness of ecological and feminist concerns, can provide a rich framework for understanding and expanding upon the themes presented in Rena Priest's selected poems, specifically "Tour of Salmonberry," "The Index," and "The Forest for the Trees." These poems, composed during the tumultuous period of 2020-2021, reflect the profound impact of global environmental crises, such as global warming, ozone layer depletion, and the greenhouse effect—issues primarily stemming from human activities.

Incorporating ecofeminist perspectives into the analysis of Priest's work adds layers to the exploration of nature, the life cycle, and the destruction of the environment as closely intertwined with human experiences. Ecofeminism posits that the exploitation of both women and the environment is rooted in similar power structures and encourages a reevaluation of humanity's relationship with the natural world. In the context of Rena Priest's poetry, this might involve examining how gendered language or experiences are interwoven with depictions of the natural world, and how both are affected by the same systems of oppression.

The qualitative descriptive method employed in the research aligns well with ecofeminism, as it allows for an in-depth exploration of the narratives present in the poems. By scrutinizing the intricate relationships between humans and nature as portrayed in the poems, the study echoes the essence of the green literature movement.

In conclusion, integrating ecofeminism into the analysis of Rena Priest's poetry enhances the exploration of the green literary movement's themes. This approach broadens the understanding of the relationships between humans and nature, shedding light on the interconnectedness of ecological and feminist concerns.



Nature; Green literary movement; Ecofeminism; Environmental preservation






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