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Journal Title   CrossOver

Sub Title          Journal of Adaptation Studies 

Online ISSN    2798-5148

Print ISSN       2798-6829

DOI                  10.22515/c.v

CrossOver Journal of Adaptation Studies is an open-access journal published by the English Letters Study Program, Faculty of Cultures and Languages, UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta. 

CrossOver is a venue for literature, linguistics, and translation studies scholars, and practitioners to discuss about adaptation investigated from the perspectives of the three disciplines. Articles can discuss the following topics of adaptation:

Novelization, Film Adaptation, TV Series Adaptation, Comic Book Adaptation, Video Game Adaptation, Dramatic Adaptation, Poetic Adaptation, Adaptation for Younger Audiences, Adaptation for Mature Audiences, Translation, Transadaptation, Transcreation, Fan Fiction, Song Cover, Localization, & Intertextuality.

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Vol. 3 No. 2: December 2023
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Published: 2023-12-30


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