1. The manuscript must be scientific, either based on the empirical research, library research, or conceptual ideas
  2. Articles written for the Journal of Filantropi include the results of thought and the results of research in the fields of management Zakat, Sedekah and Wakaf.
  3. The content of the manuscript have not published yet in any journal or another media.
  4. Manuscript must be arranged as follows: Title; Name of Author; Institution; E-mail address; Abstract; Keywords; Introduction; Research methods; discussion; conclusion; suggestion; and references/bibliography (only includes the sources referenced in the article written).
  5. Sub Title (written without numbering; Font: Cambria Bold 12 pt. Capital: space: 1.15; left-aligned paragraph)
  6. Author's Name Without Title (Font: Cambria 12; Paragraph: centered; Bold)
  7. Instituion Name and E-mail address (Font: Cambria 11 Italic; Paragraph: Align Center)
  8. Abstracts are written in two languages, English and Indonesian. First in English and then Indonesian. Font: Cambria; Italic (for english language only) 11 pt: space: 1; left and right paragraphs, indent 1 cm before the text. English abstract must be italicized and may not be translated from google translate. Abstract contains the objectives, methods and results of research for manuscripts made based on the results of the study, while the manuscript review does not use the method. The Abstracts no more than 200 words with 3-5 keywords (typed in single spaced/ space 1).
  9. Body text criterias: (a) Introduction (without title) must clearly state the purpose or scope of writing the article. The manuscript is typed with paragraphs flattened left and right, indented (0 cm, first line 1 cm; font: Cambria 12 pt, with spaces 1.15, maximum 20 pages). (b) Writing in the form of verses of the Holly Quran, hadith or Arabic, written with the font (Traditional Arabic Bold 12 pt. Align left and right), (Paragraph: Righ Indent). Whereas the meaning and translation are written with (1.0 spaces, font: Cambria 12 pt, italic, right and left aligned) (First Line: Left Indent), begins with quotation marks, and ends with quotation marks and periods. (c) Reconciliation and citation using citation techniques; name, year of publication: page (Body Note). (d) Placement of the image placed in the middle with the title and source below the picture using the letters (Cambria Bold 10 pt). (e) Placement of the table is placed in the middle, while the title and source on the left are aligned to the left, and use the (Cambria Bold font 10 pt). Fill the table using (Cambria Regular 11 pt font), the table lines only use horizontal lines. (f) Bibliography only contains references that are listed in writing, with (spaces 1), references or references arranged in alphabetical order by the first name of the first author of the library. All names of authors in a library must be written in full and not replaced with et al. or etc.
  10. Download template here
  11. Manuscript must be submitted in Microsoft Word or RTF by online submission to