Focus and Scope


 Filantropi: Jurnal Manajemen Zakat dan Wakaf publishes qualified articles both conceptual and research results in islamic philanthropic studies (Zakat, Waqf, Infaq and Shodaqah).


The scope of the Journal includes the following fields: 
a. Islamic Philanthropy
b. Zakat, Sedekah and Wakaf Law
c. Financial Management of Zakat, Sedekah and Wakaf
d. Management Zakat, Sedekah and Wakaf
e. Zakat, Sedekah, and Wakaf Management Organization
f. Historical Management of Zakat, Sedekah and Wakaf
g. Socialpreneur
h. Inclusive financial of zakat, Sedekah and Wakaf development
i. Policy analysis islamic economic
j. Regulation and legislation of Islamic philanthropy
k. Sharia supervisory boards in Islamic Finance
l. Product development Islamic institution
m. Islamic Social Finance and other related topics