Published: May 11, 2020

Womens Empowerment Management Models For Local Economic Development

1-12 I Gusti Ayu Purnamawati, Gede Adi Yuniarta
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Corporate Governance Mechanism and Corporate Social Responsibility on Firm Value

13-25 Jacobus Widiatmoko
Read Statistic: 1834 Times

The Effect of The Match Results on Bali United's Stock Price Movements

26-38 Agung Novianto Margarena, Arian Agung Prasetiyawan
Read Statistic: 792 Times

Detect Determinants of Profitability Performance of Sharia Bank

39-48 Aprih Santoso
Read Statistic: 512 Times

The Effect of Organizational Culture, Work Environment and Satisfaction On Motivation and Job Promotion

49-59 Sudarmo Sudarmo, M Hatta, Saiful Anwar
Read Statistic: 486 Times

Priority Factors of Online Food Purchasing By Young Muslims

60-74 Fitri Eka Aliyanti, Muhammad Iqbal, Rheyza Virgiawan
Read Statistic: 618 Times

Turnover Intention: The Impact of Ethical Climate, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment

75-89 Nurtati Nurtati, Novia Yanti, Mayang Trianindi Untari
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The Role of Brand Trust in Achiving Competitive Advantage (Case Study: PT Pos Indonesia Bandung)

90-103 Ani Solihat, Mimin Nurjanah, Rani Rahmayani, Andry Trijumansyah, Iis Iskandar
Read Statistic: 504 Times