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  1. The article must be scientific (substantially contained corpus, perspective, and context) based on empirical research or conceptual ideas. The article’s content has not been published yet in any Journal and should not be submitted simultaneously to another journal. The article should not be part of one chapter of the thesis or dissertation.
  2. The article must be between 15-20 pages, not including title, abstract, keywords, and bibliography, and typed in one-half spaced on A4-paper size.
  3. Article consisting of the various parts: i.e. title, the author’s name(s) and affiliation(s), abstract in English and Indonesian language (150-200 words for each version), keywords (maximum five words), introduction, description and analysis, conclusion, and references, as below instructions:
    • The title should not be more than 15 words
    • Author’s name(s) should be written in the full name without academic title (degree) and completed with institutional affiliation(s) as well as the corresponding address (e-mail address).
    • Abstract consists of the discourses of the discipline area, the aims of the article, methodology, research findings, and contribution to the discipline of areas study. The abstract should be written in English and Indonesian.
    • Introduction consists of the literature review (it would be better if the research finding is not latest than ten years) and novelty of the article, the scope and limitation of the problem discussed, and the main argumentation of the article.
    • Discussion or description and analysis consist of the reasoning process of the article’s main argumentation.
    • The conclusion should consist of answering the research problem based on the theoretical significance/conceptual construction.
    • All of the bibliographies used should be written correctly.