Review Process

Once a manuscript is submitted, editors will perform initial appraisal of the manuscript on the basis of its language (linguistically weak manuscripts will immediately be returned), and its template (manuscripts that do not follow the journal template will immediately be returned). All manuscripts will be evaluated by at least two independent reviewers related to the field of studies. 

The review process takes about two to four weeks. Since this journal is double-blind peer-review, an author will not be informed who reviews his/her manuscript, and a reviewer will also not be informed who the author is. With this method, peer reviewers are expected to provide their objective opinions based on the manuscript quality alone. The manuscripts accepted with minor or major revisions should be revised as the reviewers' comments and suggestions.

When the review process is done, the editorial team will decide whether the manuscript is accepted or rejected. Once it is accepted, the manuscript will be published on ELE Reviews website.

All information pertaining to the manuscript is kept confidential.