About the Journal

Focus and Scope

JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL MANAGEMENT AND INSTRUCTION (JEMIn) openly welcomes scholars, academicians, students, teachers, policyholders, and practitioners to submit their best research articles that correspond to the topics. This journal covers two primary areas, Educational Management and Instruction.

  1. Educational Management limits its discussion on implementation and administration of education including policy, curriculum development, leadership, teacher professional development, and quality assurance.
  2. Instruction focuses on innovation in teaching and learning processes and classroom activities such as the use of technology, teaching media, methods, and strategy in all education levels.

By promoting the current issues of these areas, JEMIn represents an excellent forum for highlighting the profile of education management and instruction on both national and international levels.

Peer Review Process

Submissions should be prepared in accordance with the Author Guidelines. The manuscript may be returned to authors without a scientific assessment if they do not meet all submission requirements, if they are not in the correct format, or cannot be downloaded reliably.

Submissions must represent the original and independent work of the authors. Each new submission is assessed by Principal Editor to determine whether it falls within the general remit of the Journal of Educational Management and Instruction. We will reject a manuscript without review if it contains insufficient content; it exceeds our word limit or is incorrectly formatted; it is poorly presented and unclear. Manuscripts that pass the initial assessment will be handled by Principal Editor or Associate Editor to oversee the review process for contribution, originality, relevance, and presentation.

Once a manuscript passes the initial checks, it will be assigned to at least two independent experts for peer-review. A DOUBLE-BLIND review is applied, where authors' identities are not known to reviewers, and vice versa. Peer review comments are confidential and will only be disclosed with the express agreement of the reviewer. All manuscripts are subject to peer review and authors can expect a decision, or an explanation for the delay, within 2 months of receipt. If a revision is invited, the corresponding author should submit the revised manuscript within 2 weeks. The final decision is taken by Principal Editors based on the information gained through the peer-review process.

We ensure that the reviewed manuscript is treated confidentially prior to being published, as explained in publication ethics.

Types of Decision
There are four types of editorial decisions during the peer review process, which are:

Decline submission
Following peer review, the paper is judged not to be acceptable for publication in Journal of Educational Management and Instruction.

Resubmit for Review
The submitted version of the paper is not acceptable and requires major revision, but there is clear potential in the work, and Journal of Educational Management and Instruction is prepared to consider a new version. Authors are offered the opportunity to resubmit their paper as a new submission. Concerns will remain regarding the suitability of the paper for publication until the editors are convinced by the authors that their paper fits the scope and standards of Journal of Educational Management and Instruction. The resubmitted manuscript will be returned to the original associate editor if at all possible.

The paper requires changes before a final decision can be made. Authors are asked to modify their manuscript in light of comments received from referees and editors and to submit a new version for consideration within 2 weeks of receiving the decision letter. A point-by-point explanation of how comments have been addressed must be supplied with the revised version of the paper. Revisions may undergo further peer review and papers may undergo more than one round of revision. If the authors do not revise their papers to the satisfaction of the editors, the paper can still be declined from publication in Journal of Educational Management and Instruction.

Accept submission
The paper is accepted for publication, subject to conditions that need to be addressed in producing a final version of the manuscript. These may include sub-editing changes and the minor amendment to ensure the paper fully matches our criteria. After final checking in the editorial office, acceptance is confirmed and the paper is forwarded to the publishers for publication.

Galley Proof
Page proofs will be sent to the corresponding author for final checking. Corrections to the proofs must be restricted to printer’s errors: any other changes to the text, in equations or grammar, may be charged to the author. Proofs should be returned to the editors within three days of receipt to minimize the risk of the author’s contribution having to be held over to a later issue. The editors do not accept responsibility for the correctness of published content. It is the author’s responsibility to check the content at the proof stage.

Publication Frequency

Journal of Educational Management and Instruction is an international, peer-reviewed, and open-access electronic journal published two times a year (June and December) by the Department of Islamic Education Management Postgraduate UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta Central Java Indonesia.

Open Access Policy

Journal of Educational Management and Instruction is an open-access journal which means that all content is freely available without charge to the users. All open access papers are licensed and distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution- Non-Commercial 4.0 International License, which permits authors and readers unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction of the material in any medium, provided that the original work is properly cited. This is enabled under the terms of Attribution and Non-Commercial usage of the material.