Author Guidelines

General Author Guidelines:

  1. Before submitting, authors must read the Author Guidelines, and following all the instructions.
  2. All The manuscript submitted to the editors is part of the collaborative research of lecturers and students, and has not been published in any other scientific journal in print or online or is not being sent to another journal, proven by filling and submitting the form of Statement and Willingness (Originality Statement) approved by the lecturer/supervisor.
  3. All the manuscripts submitted must use the Online Submission service with the following address submission online. However, if you don't have an account, you can register yet as an author and filling the form register. Some supplementary documents that must be considered and completed in the Online Submission (Uploaded as a Supplementary File): Originality Statement as Statement and Willingness on PDF format (Download Originality Statement)
  4. The manuscript is written in Bahasa Indonesia or English which is good, clear, straightforward and concise. The Indonesian language is obliged to refer to the Indonesian spelling general guidelines (EYD in 2000) issued by the Language Center, Ministry of National Education (

Manuscript submitted can be modified while in accordance with the format below:

  1. Title; should be brief, short, clear, and informative which reflect the article content, word of the title should be write with capitalized letter.
  2. The length is about 3.000-6.000 words, typed 1.5 space, Garamond 12 pt.
  3. The manuscript must include 150-200 words in abstract and 3-5 keywords.
  4. Author’s names and institutions; should be accompanied by the author’s institutions or affiliation and email addresses, without any academic titles and/or job titles.
  5. The manuscript must be submitted in Microsoft Word and according to the following Manuscript Template.
  6. Arabic words should be transliterated according to the style of the International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies.
  7. This journal uses APA Style 6th edition as reference format writing. We suggest the use of a reference manager software such as Mendeley, Zotero, or endnote.