Writing Ethics

This writing ethic is related to manners, rules, and writing order. Usefulness of authorship ethics is to prevent misunderstanding, which obscures the messages that the writer desires to express through his/her writings. It is expected that the writing follows the rules of JMIF.

Scientific literature must follow the scientific literature writings' rules and different from popular writing or other writings

Misunderstandings are often caused by:

  1. Unsuitable punctuation placement
  2. An inappropriate choice of vocabulary
  3. Ineffective sentences
  4. Inconsistent paragraphs
  5. Writing is not easily digested

Posts should pay attention to:

  1. The use of dots, commas, and other punctuation.
  2. A series of sentences that are good and orderly, easy to read, easily understood by the reader.

The criteria of scientific writing should be:

  1. Objective: based on factual conditions,
  2. Up to date: writing is the development of cutting-edge science,
  3. Rational: serves as a vehicle for the delivery of mutual criticism,
  4. Reserved: not overclaiming, honest, straightforward, and not personally motivated,
  5. Effective and Efficient: writing is a high-powered communication medium.